What are the Best Vapor Mods for Beginners?

A vape mod is a mechanical device that contains no electronic components or circuitry to operate. The vape mod relies on a fire button that must be depressed by the user to make contact between the firing coil and the battery atomizer. The contact quickly heats the vape mod up. Vape mods are much larger than vape pens.

The vape pens are 95% is less harmful than the actual smoking. The vape pens have no combustion, smokeless and the tar and carbon monoxide is created which is the reason of health damage. With the experience of the smoke free smoking is helping in the functioning of lung and heart improvement and the sense organ improvement.

The best advantage of vaping is there is no odor on your clothes and even your surroundings. There is an aroma with vaping but it’s not the smoke which is stale.

The vape pens even help you control over the nicotine dosage. The e-juice has strength variety varying from nicotine-free to high-strength nicotine. The nicotine consumption can be decided as per the requirement.

The control of the vapor output you exhale can be done. The vapers can be handled according to the devices size. The adjustment can be made with the size of vapor pens.

Well! We all love different flavors and the e-juices are available with the variety like fruits, desserts, beverages, mint and menthol even tobacco.

The vape pens are simple to use and provides an instant satisfaction to the urge of smoking. The prices are reasonable and are available in all the variety. The new users don’t need any experience before hand. The beginner starter kits are also in market. The vape pens ae available in the market in convenience stores, gas stations, and even online.

The best vapor available for the beginners are –

  1. Disposable Vapes – The most easiest to start with and the best kit for starters. They do not require any changes in coils, vape juice or charging. They are simple good to go or in other words use and throw.
  2. Sirius Disposable 2200 – A disposable vape pen available in different flavors ranging from 15-20 options in 10 ml e-juice. A 1500 mAh battery delivering more than 2000 hit.
  3. Cube – it is a last longing pen delivering more than 2500 puffs and an adjustable airflow. There is one more variation known as cube Zero which is nicotine free version.
  4. Elf Bar 5000 – It contains 12ml of e juice and as the name says it delivers 5000 puffs. This is a chargeable 650 mAh battery via USB Type C. The monster vape pen has variety of flavors and spectacular designs.
  5. Unwell Popreel N1 Kit – It is a replaceable pods, with 520 mAh battery can be charged with the Type C charger. The pod can hold 2ml of e-juice and has 1.2Ω UN2 Meshed-H coil. It is not an expensive vape starter kit and is simply available.
  6. Cig-a-likes – It is from the e-cigarettes era followed by progress in technology. It was just like a cigarette except any smoke only vapor. The kit has chargeable battery attached to a liquid cartridge.
  7. Disposable VApes – A popular device due to the starter kit for beginners. The kit has pre filled e-juice so no worry to maintain the balance of PG/VG, in-built coils, battery till the puffs lasts. It is easy to use with only one switch.
  8. Vape Pens and E-go Starter kits – The style of thicker battery and variation of a tank that can be refilled. They have improved battery life, vapor production is increased and with the variety of the flavors. The inexpensive e-cig in styles.
  9. Box mods & Vape Mods –The people holding the big box and exhaling the clouds are the box mods or vape mods. They have difference as well; the vape mod kits come with the tank. The box mods starter kits regulated means it has a computer chip that work based on power as per your need.

There are options available in the market and the choice you make is on your preference.

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